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J-W Power Company Announces Release of New CNG Technology

May 9, 2016

J-W PowerFill Compressor J-W Power Company is pleased to announce that it has developed a new patent-pending compressed natural gas (CNG) technology that significantly improves the customer's fueling experience with decreased fill time at the dispenser. "If you... more »
J-W Power Company Ready to Open Doors in Alexander, ND

November 14, 2014

J-W Power Company Alexander, North Dakota J-W Power Company is pleased to announce the opening of a brand new facility at Alexander Energy Park in Alexander, North Dakota. The company has opened this strategically located service center to... more »
J-W Power Company Releases New Version of J-W App

October 31, 2014

J-W Power Company is pleased to announce a new update of the J-W App that assists in emissions calculations. The newest update of the J-W App assists in emissions conversions calculations. With this new update the user will be able to estimate grams per horsepower-hour (grams/hp-hr) and tons per... more »
J-W Operating Company Begins Construction of New Manufacturing Facility

March 14, 2005

J-W Operating Company begins construction of a new multi-million dollar office and manufacturing facility in Longview, TX. J-W Operating Company has signed a long-term lease on a new building at the Gregg County Airport in Longview, TX. In fact, it's the old terminal building that is being remodeled and... more »
J-W Manufacturing Company Builds G3608 Compressor Packages

December 30, 1899

Compressor Model CA-2730-2 In April of 2010, J-W Manufacturing Company of Longview, TX will be completing two natural gas compressor packages with a combined power rating of 4,740 horsepower. This equipment is being purchased by a customer to... more »
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