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J-W Power Company Ready to Open Doors in Alexander, ND

November 14, 2014

J-W Power Company Alexander, North Dakota J-W Power Company is pleased to announce the opening of a brand new facility at Alexander Energy Park in Alexander, North Dakota. The company has opened this strategically located service center to... more »
J-W Power Company Releases New Version of J-W App

October 31, 2014

J-W Power Company is pleased to announce a new update of the J-W App that assists in emissions calculations. The newest update of the J-W App assists in emissions conversions calculations. With this new update the user will be able to estimate grams per horsepower-hour (grams/hp-hr) and tons per... more »
J-W Power Company Consolidates Facilities in Woodward, OK

July 11, 2014

J-W Power Company Woodward, OK J-W Power Company is pleased to announce the completion of a new facility in Woodward, OK. The company has consolidated its current facilities into a larger, more strategically located complex located one mile... more »
J-W Power Company Celebrates 20 Years of CNG

March 28, 2014

J-W Power Company built its first compressor package designed specifically for a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) application twenty years ago. Manufactured at J-W Power Company's facility in Longview, Texas; the first CNG packages were delivered in January 1994 to customers in Liberal and Hugoton, Kansas, followed by Sonora, Texas and... more »
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