Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

J-W Power Company has been involved in natural gas compression since 1966 and currently operates the largest privately-owned compression leasing fleet in the United States.  Over time, J-W built a solid reputation for manufacturing effective, durable, and reliable compression equipment.

Building over 4,000 compressor packages over a forty year span naturally led J-W Power Company to be an authority in highly-engineered compressor package design, such as the equipment used in compressed natural gas (CNG) applications.   J-W Power Company built its first compressor package designed specifically for a CNG application in March 1994 and has manufactured over 73,000 horsepower of CNG packages since that time.

J-W Power Company compressed natural gas packages are available for sale, with or without maintenance. We can provide our customers with station equipment installation assistance and contract maintenance services.



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