Logging Services

LoggingJ-W Wireline Company offers a wide variety of data logging services.  From the basic cement bond log to the advanced pulse neutron logs, J-W Wireline Company can complete the service.  All of our trucks are equipped with Warrior Computer Systems and the most up to date tools.

If you require reliability, dependability and increased productivity, it's time to contact J-W Wireline Company. Our hand-picked staff of managers, sales personnel, engineers, and operators possess many years of practical field and industry knowledge.

Logging Services:

    Dual Receiver Cement Bond Evaluation
    Radial Sector Bond Logs
    Compensated Neutron Logs
    Temperature Logs
    Gamma Ray Collar Locators
    Gamma Ray Perforator
    Production Logging
    Pulse Neutron Logging
    Casing Inspection

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