J-W Gathering Company Additional Response to Pipeline Incident in Caddo Parish

Posted: Sep 1, 2011

J-W Gathering Company would first like to sincerely thank the local authorities that responded to the pipeline rupture incident in Caddo Parish yesterday.

The 6 inch pipeline located near Ellerbe Road and Robson Road was ruptured about 3:45 PM yesterday when a driver of a pickup truck left the roadway and struck one of our pipeline risers. The impact of the collision created an approximately 4 inch hole in the pipeline.

We immediately enacted our Emergency Response Plan which included notifying local authorities and dispatching our local operations personnel to isolate the system by closing all of the valves in the vicinity of the rupture.

"Our main concern throughout the event was to work with the Sheriff's department and local law enforcement personnel to ensure the safety of the community. We regret any inconvenience this incident caused to the community but safety was our primary concern." commented Peter Kowalczik, Operations Manager for J-W Gathering Company.

At all times we were able to monitor system pressures remotely and with operations personnel that were located on the scene. We were able to isolate the system surrounding the damaged pipe relatively quickly and depressurize the system. Once the area was rendered safe we were able to inspect the pipeline to determine the full extent of the damage, a wrecker service entered the area and recovered the wrecked vehicle. Normal traffic flow was restored overnight and repairs to the system will begin as soon as possible.

J-W Gathering Company is a mid-stream pipeline company that has been active in the natural gas gathering, dehydration, treating, processing and transmission of natural gas for nearly fifty years in the North Louisiana area. Additional information about the incident can be obtained by contacting Travis Ashby, Director of Regulatory Affairs at 972-233-8191 or


John A. Daniels
J-W Energy Company
Business Development Manager

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