Perforating Services

J-W Wireline Company excels in deep-hole high pressure perforating.  When handling perforating equipment it's important to perform the task with safety as a top priority.  J-W Wireline Company holds in the highest regard the safety of each employee, customer, and supplier. 

J-W Wireline Company maintains an ongoing regulatory compliance program that includes required online and onsite training for all personnel.  J-W has a team of dedicated personnel implementing a comprehensive training and safety program.

J-W Wireline Company meets or exceeds all Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Transportation, International Fuel Tax Association and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm requirements.  J-W meets or exceeds our client's safe operating procedures.  Safety statistics are available, upon written request, from our Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager at

Perforating Services:

    Ported Guns
    Scalloped Expandable Guns
    Retrievable Tubing Guns
    Bar Guns
    Thru-Tubing (Expendable and Semi Expendable)
    Casing (Hollow Steel Carrier, Slick Gun, High Shot Density)
    High Density Perforating
    Magnetic Orienting
    Pressure while Perforating (PWP)
    Propellant and Mini-Frac