Cased-Hole Wireline Services

J-W Wireline Company excels in all facets of cased-hole wireline services. As one of the nation's largest independent service providers, we can react quickly to critical changes in situations with flexibility and personal commitment to our customer's unique needs. Our experience and expertise combined with our ability to respond immediately to our client's needs is the foundation of our success!


Logging Services:

Dual Receiver Cement Bond Evaluation
Radial Sector Bond Logs
Compensated Neutron Logs
Temperature Logs
Gamma Ray Collar Locators
Gamma Ray Perforator
Production Logging
Pulse Neutron Logging
Triple Neutron Logging
Casing Inspection

Perforating Services:

Ported Guns
Scalloped Expandable Guns

Retrievable Tubing Guns

Bar Guns

Thru-Tubing (Expendable and Semi Expendable)

Casing (Hollow Steel Carrier, Slick Gun, High Shot Density)

High Density Perforating

Magnetic Orienting

Pressure while Perforating (PWP)

Propellant and Mini-Frac

Tubing Conveyed Perforating Services:

Full-line of Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) Systems
Vertical and Horizontal Completions
Wide Array of Coiled Tubing Gun Systems

Propellant and Propellant-Assisted Perforating

Pipe Recovery:

Free Point (Centralized or Magnetic)
Jet Cutters
Chemical Cutters
String Shot

Split Shot

Slickline Services:

Tagging Total Depth
Gauge Ring Runs
Broach Tubing/Plunger Installations
Bailing Sand and Debris
Shifting Sleeves
Setting/Pulling Plugs and Chokes
Setting/Pulling Gas Lift Valves
Running Tailpipes
Bottom Hole Pressure and Temperature Surveys
Spinner Surveys
Kinley Perforator, Sand Cutter, and Caliper
Running Production Logging Tools
Fishing Operations
Paraffin Cutting
Chipping Ice/Salt

Other Services:

Bridge Plugs
Frac Plugs
Composite Plugs
Junk Baskets/Gauge Rings
Dump Bailers - Acid, Cement and Sand
Crane Services from 75 to 130 feet
Portable Mast Trailer Services
Sour Gas Service
High Pressure Grease Injection up to 15,000 psi

Owen X-Span Casing Patch Services 

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