Slickline Services

J-W Wireline Company is a full-service slickline provider in the Northwest Louisiana and East Texas region.  We pay attention to your specific needs and will successfully accomplish your intended goals.

Products and Services:

Total Depth Tagging
Gauge Ring Runs
Broach Tubing/Plunger Installations
Bailing Sand and Debris
Shifting Sleeves
Setting/Pulling Plugs and Chokes
Setting/Pulling Gas Lift Valves
Running Tailpipes
Bottom Hole Pressure and Temperature Surveys
Spinner Surveys
Kinley Perforator, Sand Cutter, and Caliper
Production Logging Tools
Fishing Operations
Paraffin Cutting
Ice and Salt Chipping

To find out more about the slickline services that we offer, please contact us at or 318-390-6680.